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Super Easy To Blend!

I was really hesitant to try blending my own colors, but had not been able to achieve a bright, clear, true red (with liquid oxides) in my M&P. BB suggested I try this and it's beautiful! I know it's a bleeder, but I'm embedding it in Black as well as using it alone, so I'm not concerned. Once again, it's a beautiful color! A couple of improvements I would like to see updated on this product page is: How many ounces are in these LC bottles as opposed to the current S, M and L descriptions. As well, some compatible instruction for purchasing Optiphen ND. You know; for a 4 ounce bottle of LC you'll need a small bottle or 1ml of OND. That would make it easier for first timers to order and not have to click on this link and that link.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tina! I'm so glad you love our Countryside Red LabColor!  Thank you so much for you feedback and recommendation for more product information to include on this page.  We will definitely keep that in mind!  I will email you personally to discuss your suggestions further.