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Spot on

This smells exactly like a cucumber plant! I love it. Perfect for garden themed projects. This is going to be one of my new go to's.

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Too "earthy" for me

I wish I had read some reviews before ordering this fragrance. I don't really smell the cucumber part much at all.

Dirt smelling fragrance

I like the smell of fresh cucumber... and this fragrance doesn’t smell like cucumber. It smells like dirt... more like the smell of beets than cucumbers. I made a cp soap using this mixed with peppermint, and the peppermint didn’t help to mask the dirt smell.

Yep. It's A Garden Patch.

(I received a .5oz sample as a free gift with purchase.) Out of bottle, I was like, "Yeah, that's definitely a cucumber patch. Greens, dirt and all." I found the touch of 'dirt' (I should say 'the scent of earth') delightful in its novelty (although a friend felt perplexed by it and decided it wasn’t her thing). After having made soap with it, I still really like it. It's a light, easy kind of fragrance, didn't give me any trouble, and has given me a few ideas of how to make use good artistic use of any future purchases. I did find that a "medium" level of fragrance was a bit stronger than I liked, so in future I'll probably use a lighter dosage.

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A new favorite

My customers and I really love this one! I received a sample of the fragrance oils with an order. I made a test batch of CP Soap. Well, Omgosh, what a lovely , clean and cool Soap it made! No ricing or accelerating noted. I used green micas and there was no discoloration