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Nice, fruity smell

When I first opened this bottle, I wasn't too sure. However, it smells very lovely in the finished soap. I have had so many problems with acceleration and seizing from non-BB products, but I have to say that every fragrance oil I have purchased from this site has been so, so wonderful. This fragrance really isn't what I was expecting. It doesn't smell like cucumber kiwi to me, but it does have a really great fragrance which is why I am still giving it 5 stars. It did not accelerate or rice at all, but it did discolor a little. I added green mica pigment which only showed in the gelled portion- the rest was tan. I was expecting this since BB (thankfully) describes what to expect from every fragrance. I also used 2 oz for a recipe that made around 65 oz of soap, and it was perfect. If you haven't yet tried the fragrance calculator- you should. It is spot on! Thanks Brambleberry for another amazing product!

Sharp out of the bottle, but once in CP soap was lovely!

I hesitated to make this as when I smelled it in the bottle I was kinda 'meh' and it smelled overly strong. I am looking for something very cucumbery. Well I made it, and it has cured about 7 days. The scent is perfect! It is so nice. I am not sure what a kiwi smells like, but this smells like cucumber and something very lovely. I am glad I gave it a chance. It is a good lesson to try things in the actual CP soap, and not rely on the smell in the bottle.

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A decent cucumber scent

Like a couple of the other reviews, I find it more of a cucumber scent and less kiwi scent. I also find it a bit "perfumey" for my taste, but not completely unbearable in the finished soap. The light, fruity scent does make it a good choice for summery projects, though.

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My favorite cucumber scent!

I have tried many cucumber scents, and this is truly my favorite. I love it mixed with Green Tea for a fabulous spa scent. Behaves beautifully in CP.

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light calming clean scent of cucumber

This fragrance performed very well in cp soap. It did not discolor or accelerate the soap. I do detect a very light cucumber scent. I don't smell any kiwi. Maybe kiwis don't have much of a scent? I think next time I will buy the cucumber and melon scent............

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Margene! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite, but I'm glad it performed well for you in soap! We love the tropical combination of cucumber and kiwi. If you're looking for cucumber scents, you may like Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance Oil, Cucumber Oak Fragrance Oil or Cucumber Melon Cybilla Fragrance Oil.