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CP soap that men LOVE

I sell out of the soap every time I go to a festival. I have noticed that men absolutly LOVE this scent! Kinda weird because I thought it was a women's scent. Whatever, if it sells, I stock it. You will not be disappointed with this fo. It behaves nicly in my cp soap. It did NOT discolor any. Sells as fast as lavender eo soap does.

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Sold on free sample!

I received this FO as a free sample and loved it immediately! I would keep around a small amount just to smell as I please and of course I had to buy more of such a wonderful fragrance. It takes me back to eating watermelon airheads as a kid. So yummy smelling! Also, it's very light and not overpowering. I use it in lotion and CP soap both big hits! :)

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Very Happy

This scent wasn't over powering. It was a welcoming fragrance I used in my CP soap. I really like this scent and I think everyone else will too.

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another hooray for Cybilla cucumber melon

People like this scent. It sticks really well in my soap, which makes me happy. One thing I have to get used to is how it actually seems to "thin" the trace - in 2 batches with multiple colors, I should have used the stick blender some more after mixing in the colors, but lazy me... the hanger swirl would have worked better if I'd blended it a bit thicker before pouring. Sea clay, green clay, and yellow clay with some paprika infusion make a gorgeous color combo for this scent. Everyone that sees it and smells it LOVES it. I'll be getting more of this FO

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It's a HIT!

Everyone who smells my cold processed Cucumber Melon soap goes nuts for it. This fragrance is as close to perfect as is possible, in my opinion. It is liked by men and women alike. And, many who say that scents give them horrible headaches, say this fragrance does not bother them at all. Great product!