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spot on

This scent was a great hit. Spot on to the popular cucumber melon of my teen years! No acceleration or ricing. Highly recommend.

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behaves so well in CP soap it actually slows my trace down. Scent sticks well and smells amazing, classic "cucumber melon" at it's best. One of the few FOs I never can let myself be without.

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Honeydew not cucumber

Too sweet at first but mellows out with time! Not a true cucumber, more like honeydew than cucumber.

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Easy to work with!!

This is the first cucumber fragrance that I have tried that hasn't been a total nightmare to work with and I am so happy! It's a great smell and it behaves like a perfect angel, I actually had to wait for it to thicken up a bit for my design. I'm so used to getting ricing and seizing with cucumber fragrances and this was a nice surprise. I have a client who orders entire batches of this smell to give to her clients and this oil is going to make my life so much easier, thank you Brambleberry for another great product!

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Wonderful Scent!

I love this scent. Used it in CP Soap, Sugar Scrub and lotions, even made a body butter bar with it. I never get tired of the fresh and nice cucumber and melon scent. It is not too strong and overpowering and goes nice with any product you may want to make. I will certainly order it again soon!