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Nice in MP, but still...

The sent is not quite there. It was ok on CP and bath fizzies. Nice on MP. But I've used better fragrances from BB. Maybe you can suggest another fragrance with a stronger/richer chocolate scent?

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True Chocolate Scent!

This is a wonderful, true-smelling chocolate FO! I've had no trouble with acceleration in my CP soap, and it's amazing to watch the transformation of light brown to very dark, almost black, brown. It's a fast seller & one I will keep restocking!

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Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance

My CP superfat soap with the Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance has cured and I took an end piece to show my son. He acted like he was going to take a bite when he realized the look on my face said "It's not Chocolate"! Looked like cholocate and smelled like chocolate! Delicious!

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Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil

In the two years I have been using essential oils, I have never smelled anything as heavenly as this oil. I absolutely love the smell of it!

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Best seller in everything

I have used this in several CP, MP soaps. Anything with this fragrance sells well. I'm going to try it in candles next for Christmas sales.