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Difficult to use

I have been reformulating my deodorant from an oil based product to a solid dpg/sodium stearate based deodorant and I really wanted to use this. Unfortunately the sodium stearate causes the mixture to thicken at about 145-150 degrees, which will kill the yeast and render this product ineffective. I contacted Brambleberry c/s who suggested incorporating it into their deodorant base which makes little sense because it is already in their base. The suggested use as a room deodorizer doesn't make sense as this product serves to neutralize ammonia from sweat, and from what I have read the high pH of a soap (liquid or solid) would kill the yeast.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Valerie! I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. You can add this product to the cool down phase of your deodorant when you add the preservative and fragrance, since most preservatives deactivate at about 155 degrees as well. Customer service has contacted you directly to help answer any further questions.

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Good Stuff!

I have been looking for an effective alternative to commercial deodorants, and this item is superb! I have long days, and I put any deodorant to the test, and combined with my new sensitive formula and a little Litsea eo, this product put my product over the top! Thank you so much for a safer, effective alternative to the scary commercial products out there!!

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Deodorant Additive

I tried a solid ewax and a spray. 3% and 5%. Did not work. I watched my temp like suggested when I asked for help. That is all was suggested. Other additives would have to be added.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sandra! I'm sorry this product did not work for you. We found our Deodorant Additive worked well in water-based products at 2-3% for deodorants and 3-5% for household deodorizers (like sprays). Someone in customer service will email you directly to help troubleshoot!

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Mutli-purpose odor eater

I wanted to add additional odor fighting properties to my roll-on and spray deodorants. This ingredient blend is perfect. I substitute 3% of the water in my formula with BB deodorant additive and it’s been working great. I am also will be trying it in a laundry refresher-type spray.

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great product

I'm very happy with how this mixed with the cera belina, cetearyl alcohol and coconut oil base I use. My question is... with it containing potassium sorbate and Sodium Benzoate, does it require another preservative? with a total recipe including % of powders such as sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder and tapioca starch I used 3% of the deodorant additive. I'm also wondering if it should only be up to 3% of the total oil and wax stage? Thank you