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soap turned brown

The oils I used was Palm, olive, coconut, castor and avocado oil and I also substituted 50% of the water with buttermilk. I poured some out to make shells for another project and shells stayed nice natural color or white but after adding the fragrance the soap started turning light brown with a hint of pink. No color was added. This was soap for Father's Day... Fragrance is not very strong.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Drakkar Type Fragrance Oil can discolor to a purple or mauve in cold process soap as noted on the product page so it sounds like that is what you're seeing. For a men's scent that does not discolor you may prefer Shave and a Haircut Fragrance Oil or Bramble Berry's Made to Measure Type Fragrance Oil.

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Wonderful scent

This is definitely a winner with my husband for man smell. It did rice the soap a small bit. I soaped at around 89 degrees with very fluid recipe. At very light trace, when I poured it in it immediately riced up a bit, but I continued to stick blend and it straightened out. All in all a very nice scent.

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Does Accelerate Trace

Very thin trace that quickly accelerated to medium. But was still able to achieve a swirl (I hope). Fragrance is wonderful.

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Smells good, but the Trace!!

Have tried this scent (cuz it does smell great) with 2 completely different recipe configurations. It will exponentially increase your trace. I had a nice thin trace, added fragrance and within a few seconds of mixing I was plopping the soap into the mold.

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Hubbys Fave

My husband uses this cologne, so I thought I would try this scent and see if it matches up. It most certainly does... it is his favorite soap. Will definitely keep this scent around!