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Smells very much like the original

I have always been a big fan of Drakkar and I was leery that it could live up to the original, but it certainly does! 5/5 stars

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Very Nice!

We received this as part of the Men's Sampler and really love it. It's a very nice fresh manly smell. We just purchased a bigger bottle so we can make more. There have been at least 10 other noses give it a sniff and all give it a thumbs up. It'll be a good seller for sure!

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Have always loved this scent!

I purchased this to add to my men's line, however maybe it was my recipe (olive oil, palm, cocoa butter, castor oil and coconut oil) because once the fragrance was added and hand stirring, my batter began to thicken so quickly that by the time I had completely blended the fragrance it was so thick I had to "plop" it into the mold in chunks. Maybe I'll try it with a bastille recipe or maybe just use it for lotions and body sprays. Would love to have a soap for men though.

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Excellent Replication

I got your product and even though it was not what I thought I was getting, it is amazing replica of Drakkar Noir. I can not see any difference. First class, outstanding product. thank you so much. Having said that, I actually thought that this was the original Drakkar that came out in the 70s and 80s and then discontinued. I think it was called Drakkar For Men (90 degree). I was wondering if you could replicate this scent. I do have a sample that I could send you if you can reproduce it and I will be your customer forever. Please let me know.


I love to use this scent in my Nitro Milk Stout beer soap, it blends really nicely with the lingering beery/yeasty smell and behaves well for me. I find that a little goes a long way though, I use a rate of 0.5 oz or less for every lb of oil in the recipe, any more and I think it would be a bit overpowering. But overall, this is a great well-balanced, well behaved scent that both men and women enjoy.