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Incomplete and too basic

Unfortunately, this e-book is disappointing and not worth the cost. The "extensive chart" includes only 65 entries (not the 104 advertised) and doesn't include recommended amounts or ratios for the majority of the colorants. Also, 31 of the 65 simple list the colorant and the shade - no notes at all. This is the most basic of information that can be found with a simple google search on many different websites - even your own shop includes this basic information in it's descriptions. Based on the product description, I was hoping for a information which would tell me ratios or weights (not teaspoons!) depending on method used, as well as many more color pictures to use as a guide. I'd recommend just doing an internet search on each colorant you want to use - you'll get a lot more useful information and save yourself some money.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Stacey! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this E-Book. We find this E-Book on Infusing: Herbs, Spices, Teas & Clays a super helpful way to find all that information in one convenient place. Though, we appreciate your feedback and sharing your experience with this book.

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Not what I was hoping for

I purchased this Ebook with the idea that it would be more detailed on how to infuse the oils with the crock pot method. Crock pots are not even mentioned. I learned more on the site's free forum.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Joann! I'm sorry this book was not what you were expecting. We love this our e-book and all the information it provides on how to colors you soap using different herbs, spices, teas, and clays. For more information specifically on crock pots check out our How to Infuse Oils with a Crock-Pot blog post.