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great wax

I never used soy wax to make candles before, and used this today and it was very easy to use. I needed a soy wax to use for these candles because I needed the wax once melted to drop down to the 90 degree range since i was working with citrus E/Os. Worked very well.

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I love this wax!

I have been using this wax for months now and love it! It is very easy to melt and pour and handles the scents very well. I thought with it being so soft it would burn fast but it doesn't, it has a slow beautiful burn. I used it in antique mason jars and it works wonderfully.

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Great product for candles

I recently purchased this wax, I had never used it prior in making candles. I absolutely love it. This wax is like a massage oil, even before I lit it. In fact I just made it yesterday, let it cool overnight, I noticed it was a little softer than other waxes. Of course I had to touch it! I have never felt anything so moisturizing. Made for a young man I know who loves my candles. I hope it will burn well-it sure feels great on the skin. I would like to take this time to thank Bramble Berry for the surprises they send with orders.