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Rose Fragrance Oil

Used in hot process soap. Be careful how much you use, this scent is very overpowering, I only used 1 oz and my house smelled like a funeral parlor for several days after, lol. I wold love some ideas of other fragrance oils I can dilute it with, so I can finish using the 8 oz bottle. It does smell like roses, but just a little to cloyingly sickly sweet (my family is mad at me).

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I love Brambleberry , and I have so far never been disappointed. This scent smelled wonderfully in the container. I was SO excited to try it in my final cold process soap product. However, the scent is very acrid and has no resemblance to rose at all in the finished cold process soap product. I now have a batch of beautiful but terrible smelling soap to try to pawn off to friends and family as I can't sell this off.

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The Best around

I love using this fragrance. It is such a beautiful smell. I had No trouble soaping it. Please buy this one and try for yourself. I will buy again

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English Rose - I love it!

Just used this FO this past week and must say I used approximately 3.5 ounces it and it smells wonderful. This was in a 60 ounce soap batch. Watch out though! When added to the lye solution and oils, it started seizing quickly. (Very quickly). I dumped what I had back into the larger bowl, then took my stick blender and chopped up completely. It re-poured fine and looks great. I started out with two colors, but due to the seizing and re-blending, I now have one color. That's o.k. though. It's a very pretty rose pink color. Only the two end pieces had cream color on them. After cutting and stamping, I have a terrific batch of twelve bars. The scent is not overpowering and will use again. But I do have a question, How long after making soap, (or maybe I should say after curing), can soap be placed in shrink wrap bags? I do want to preserve the fragrance and have noticed on some of my other soaps that left out unattended by not wrapping, the smells have all but gone away.

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Beautiful and not overpowering

Rose can sometimes be overpowering, but this is a nice delicate rose scent. I use it in reed diffusers, solid perfume, and soaps. They always turn out lovely, and the "rose lovers" on my gift list are delighted by it.