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Strong But Good

Very surprised at the bad reviews for this one. My mom's favorite scent was rose, so we bought this fragrance so I could make her some rose scented soap for her after her cancer diagnosis. Dry skin was one of the possible side effects of her treatment so we wanted to make a super moisturizing soap. I used the rose clay to give it a natural pink hue. Personally I don't use micas or artificial colorants in my soap and the rose clay worked perfectly. My mom wanted a strong scent so it was great for her. She loved the soap. She had to spend a few weeks in the hospital and asked my dad to bring her "the rose soap." He brought her some store bought rose body wash she had from before and she made him drive 30 minutes each way back home to get this soap. That's how much she loved it! I'm glad I made a huge batch of the soap because she used it every day until she passed away. I still have 2 bars left. It has been 3 years since she passed away and over 4 years since I made the soap and the scent hasn't faded one bit. Yes, this scent is strong. Very strong. It also smells much better in finished product than it does out of the bottle., which isn't unusual for fragrance oils. Yes, this scent is quite traditional. I But if you are looking for a classic, no frills rose scent that won't fade years later, this is the one.

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Very strong perfume-like

It seems to have a good rose scent, however, there is a very perfume-like quality to it. That quality is much too strong. If you have an aversion to certain fragrances, this one will likely be a trigger. I had a headache. I gave the bars away for free. :)

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We bought this fragrance to use in our bath bombs. This smell is more like a rose death then english rose. The smell was so highly rancid and chemical like. It actually made me and my mother so sick. The more we inhaled this oil the more sick we got made us feel dizzy, nauseous, blurred vision, and head foggy. I dont know whats in this oil but there is obviously something dangerous that should not be in bath and body products. This needs to be removed from the shelfs. This is the second product we bought off of this company that we had an issue with and will not be doing business again. DO NOT BUY if you wanna experience near death!

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The English Rose is a pretty strong fragrance out of the bottle but is perfectly safe in bath and body products at a usage rate of 3-5%


This is a realistic rose! I think it smells better than Wild Rose! Definetely getting a bigger bottle!

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I love it!

I love a good strong rose scent and this is it! I'm going to try and mix with a few other oils to add a fresh/verdant note for my own us. This is pure rose/floral.