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Funky Odor

Out of the bottle and after my cp soap cured for 6 weeks, this fragrance didin't resemble anything close to anything floral for me. It reminded of an engine/oil type smell. At this point I'd be thrilled if it even came close to that "old lady" rose scent because then I'd at least be able to tame it with something else to make it work. Unfortunately I won't be using up the rest of this.

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English rose fragrance oil

This fragrance is amazing, this is a true rose fragrance and best of all it last in cold process soaps.

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I Love Roses Now

I've never been a fan of rose scented items, but this this fragrance is so beautiful. I created a body cream with a rose hydrosol and I must admit, I was impressed with the outcome.

Very weird smelling

I can tell that it is supposed to smell like roses, but it just doesn't. It smells like an overly perfumed women. It gives me a head ache every time I smell it. I did mix it with some vanilla and that turned out quite lovely. And to give this fragrance some credit, I had a friends say it was one of her favorites. It's not for me, but it's one of those fragrances that you love or hate.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a less perfume like rose scent you may prefer the lighter Baby Rose Fragrance Oil or Wild Rose Fragrance Oil; you can also try the White Rose Fragrance Oil for a rose blend.

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Lin Mei
Great smell

I used it for my homemade lotion and it smells great.