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Unforgettable Rose

I bought a bottle of this for my daughter about 5 years ago, I have used it in many of our products. There is nothing like this smell, and everyone loves it. Buying my next bottle. Its an unforgettable smell, and it lasts forever.

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Beautiful & Strong Rose Fragrance

This is a great smelling rose fragrance. My customers love this scent. I've used it in sugar scrubs, lotions, and M&P. I haven't used it in CP soaps. And I have to say a little goes a loooong way. This is a very strong fragrance so start with a little and test it on M&P first if you can. The first time I used it in sugar scrubs the fragrance was so strong I had make another batch of the scrub and add it to the old one to soften the smell. Once you figure out the correct amount to use it's a very delightful fragrance.

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English rose fragrance oil

English rose fragrance oil captured the essence of what true rose should smell. Like, I’ve used other rose fragrances and this one is #1 .... I’m so impressed with its long lasting sent in my cold process soaps. My customers are so captured with the scent. I will be buying more.

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Funky Odor

Fresh out of the bottle and after a 6 week cure I am unable to detect anything that reminds me of roses. I detect other (unpleasant) things. It's quite interesting to me that I'm not at all able to smell something that other reviewers here are able to. Brambleberry surprised me very much by getting in touch with me (after I reviewed this FO) and sent me a sample to compare it to the bottle I already had. It's rare these days to receive this kind of customer service. Although this fragrance didn't pan out for me, I have a new found appreciation for this company.

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I Love Roses Now

I've never been a fan of rose scented items, but this this fragrance is so beautiful. I created a body cream with a rose hydrosol and I must admit, I was impressed with the outcome.