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This is Very hard for me to do

I would love to give a full 5 stars as this is a great set especially for beginners. But because they dont have those stoppers that ess oils usually have, i dropped two of my oils and lost a good amount of one and about all of my other. I know its not really BB fault but had they had the stoppers/dropper caps i would not have lost any oil but maybe a couple drops. I am very sad as these were the 2 oils i was going to use the most. Teatree and peppermint2nd dist. I still really recommend this box, its perfect for beginners and its a fantastic price. I just wanted to let people know to be careful with them. I am going to purchase this againto have the oils i need. I know i can buy separate but this box is such a good price, i mindf as well buy it. Can mever really have too many ess

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Great Starter - new to essential oils

I felt this was a great starter set to smell a variety of oils before purchasing. I have used several already and will be looking for more to purchase soon. Thank you BB for a nice assortment to smell.

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Ordered this sampler last year, and just now getting into it. Love the fragrance of the essential oils although, I did not get every scent on the list I got duplicates and they were miss marked. Gonna use them anyway, so excited.

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Three Stars

I gave this sampler three stars because the oils basically smell the same, and my anise essential oil arrived to me frozen (I am not sure whether or not to heat it up because I don't want to lose any of the benefits). I was hoping for more variety, as there are several minty and citrus oils. I am at a standstill as far as the oil being frozen, because that one is my favorite!

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Great Starter Pack a lot of mint though

I really liked the starter pack as I am a newbie in soap making. The litsea was my favorite, I received a sample of vanilla rosewood at first I didn't like it, the smell I guess just took me by surprise not sure whether to leave it as is or blend it with something else. I agree with the other reviews their is a lot of mint, that was the first thing I smelled before I opened the box.