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Is this enough for 2 pounds of soap?

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This is really good deal

i ordered this sample to try out the fragrances offered. Overall I am pleased with what I received. everything came as was supposed to in good condition. The only poblem i had with anything is that apparenly I have a sensitivity to cinnamon. burning nose/throat, instant headache and nausea. That is no way the fault of Bramble Berry that is just me, but some of the fragrance were a bit hard to handle because of it. Other than that I loved it. Cashmere and Cocoa is divine. i have made lotion bas, sugar scrub and body butter with it. the Sandalwood Vanilla is also great have been making test batches of soap base and so far everything is going great. I do agree with another reviewer that I wish we could pick and choose our samples. That way I could avoid certain trigger scents and get fragrances I would prefer to have. All in all though this product has made me very happy and there are fragrances I will buy again. It is a great value too

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To Die For!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this sampler! Everything smells incredibly delicious! They are simply to die for! 💜 Thanks so much BB!

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Everyone of these scents are way beyond delicious smelling. I am new to soaping but not essential/fragrance oils. I am in love with these scents. Thank you so . I will be back.

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Makes Me Wish Fall Would Stay Forever!

When I got my order I couldn't resist sniffing these scents as I was checking it in. How wonderful are each and every one of these? I have now soaped all but two and I don't really think I have to wait to say they are all going to be as amazing in the bar as they are in the bottle. It's impossible to pick a favorite. I have never had anything other than a 10 star scent from BB.