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Not my favorite

I had to give this 5 stars because it is exactly as described. I missed the part where it said it has a licorice-like aroma. I don't care for the licorice smell that much. But my family loves it and so do my customers and that's what counts!

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Cathie H
This is a real surprise!

When I got this & sniffed it in the bottle I wasn't real impressed. However, it makes a wonderful smelling soap! Not heavy like anise, but with that lovely licorice scent. I'm very happy with this & will use it often!

Verified Purchase

I love black licorice but had a bad experience with anise oil so was a little leery of ordering this product. It is wonderful!!! Was expecting the scent to be much stronger but it actually has a light sweeter smell and isn't strong at all. Great product!!! Thank you :)

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Licorice Love!

I was a little nervous knowing that licorice is either one of those scents you love or hate. I used a straight 4 oz bottle of Sweet Fennel in the vertical mold, and I can honestly say I LOVE IT! And everyone who has smelled the soap feels the same, especially men. This didn't discolor or accelerate. I can't say enough about this essential oil. I'll bet bars made with this will provide some sweet nostalgia for the set of precious folks who remember the old Black Jack chewing gum fondly. I wish my grandma was alive; she'd get a kick out of this one. I know I do!