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I love it

It performs wonderfully with my sugar scrubs, It feels so soft and creamy in the skin and it's very easy to use. I really love it.

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In Love!

I never had so much fun! Finished product is soft, pliable, and amazing! I hope hubby likes his new shaving cream lol

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Terrible smell is easily masked

At first I was very disappointed with this product. It had a very bad chemical/burnt smell to it. I used a bit unscented and that smell lingered on my skin. Decided to give it a go anyway and added equal parts lemongrass and lavender EO, sugar, ground pumpkin seeds and lemon peel powder along with some Shea butter. The smell completely went away and was replaced with the beautiful EO blend. It was very difficult to mix with a hand mixer so next time I'll use the kitchen aid. I do wish you would carry both brands because I really miss the old product.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Charity! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product at first and miss the old foaming bath whip. Though I'm glad to hear that you found the smell was easily masked and was happier with the outcome! Thank you so much for your feedback!

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Not The Same-A Butter Is Not A Whip

To amend my earlier review: I either got lucky with my first batch or unlucky with my second. Not only did it come in with a broken container, but the soap itself had been exposed to something that turned bits green! It was more solid than the first batch I received and was a lot harder to work with (after cutting off the green bits) :/ I had to heat it up much more to get it soft enough to attempt to whip. I understand why it's called a "butter" compared to the whip that came before, but Stephenson *does* carry a whip that is softer and less like a butter. More of a softer solid than the brick that I got the second time I ordered. Also after selling a few batches of the scrub my coworkers used to love, many said it was "sticky", which I encountered when preparing the scrub both times, not just the second. I'd rather not have to go to another supplier to get the softer, actual whip. :( Only extra volume I got was adding ingredients the second time. It was like a deflated souffle.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jeannine! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love the Foaming Bath Butter and still find it to work in a variety of projects. Though, you're right it is a denser product that does not achieve quite the same volume. To help get a lighter whipped consistency you can try adding a lighter butter like Avocado Butter which whips up nicely. As for the busted container of butter I will email you directly to resolve that issue.

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Better then I expected

I have read a ton of bad reviews on this product so I was extremely reluctant to try it but all other products like it on other websites would not ship to Alaska. Who knows maybe I got lucky with the batch but this stuff is simply amazing! I don't whip it up to 10-15 minutes though I leave it around 6-7. I have made a Gardenia / Orange scrub with pink sea salt and it was DIVINE! I also just recently made one pound with Turkish Mocha as a scent. I added 7oz of pink Himalayan sea salt and 2oz of coffee ground. Absolutely amazing. A scrub you can really feel with lots and lots of bubbles and no funky scent. I am actually in the process of ordering the 25lb batch because I can not get enough of this stuff. My only tiff is I really REALLY wish there was a happy middle size between the 2lb and the 25lb. Perhaps a 10 Pounder wouldn't be out of the question?