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Love it!

We use this as the base for our face and body scrub. It's wonderful, and our customers rant and rave about our scrub.


Before I bought this I definitely took the reviews into consideration and decided to give it a try anyway. Sadly, I can’t say that I like it. While it did whip up nicely I can’t get over the smell. I tried two batches with 2 different fragrances and nothing gets rid of the gross Castile soap smell.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We don't mind clean, kind of soapy smell and find it to easily be covered by fragrance. Though if you're sensitive to the smell you may like it better blended with something like Lavender or Rosemary Essential Oil to bring those properties out.

Question about mixing fragrance oils

Oops! I just posted on the wrong product, sorry! I meant to ask the fragrance question in the Sparkling Snow Sugar Scrub....

Verified Purchase

I would love to purchase this item! Is it vegan though? And should I add an additional preservative to it if I want to make it into a sugar scrub?

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Not all about the butter

I love this bath butter I go through several pounds a month and it is always a great product. I would like to thank whoever JR is though that peoson packed my last 2 boxes and they have arrived in perfect condition. I often order many products and normally my jelly soap and bath butter arrive smashed, the package broken and the contents often covered in citric acid. I have always writen this off, cleaned it up, and put the products in another container but now I dont need to do that! I would like JR to pack all my boxes from now on :)