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weird flowery

just got my box opened and was pleased with everything as usual except this fragrance. it smels very odd and a very old bottle of perfume that has sat around way too long. absolutely not fresh or clean in any way. this is the only fragrance i have been disappointed in so far. I will not be ordering it again and am trying to find someone to take it away. maybe it went bad or something?

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Smells like sun dried linen

This is a great fragrance. Really strong, also it's not what classic linen smells like. In addition to the linen scent it also seems to have a slightly tropical under note to it.

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Love it!

This fragrance gets stronger as it cures. It is a winner. Did not notice any acceleration, soaped at low temps. Will never be with out this one! This is part of my permanent line.

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Nice & Clean

This is a nice, clean scent. Definitely more popular among men, but women like it too. In fact, this is my best seller, by far. I put it into a vibrant blue bar and can't keep it in stock! People love it. Behaved well for me.

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Use Fresh Snow instead

This didn't smell at all like linen to me, more like a weird cotton candy. I used it in a fabric refresher spray, so maybe the scent morphs into something better when it's used it soap. I'd recommend Fresh Snow instead if you're looking for more of a classic laundry scent.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Season! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the crisp and clean scent this fragrance has. If you're looking for fresh and clean scents, you may like Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil, Baby Powder Fragrance Oil or Rice Flower and Shea Type Cybilla Fragrance Oil. I'll be emailing you personally to talk more!