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Lovely Smell and Texture

This kit was easy to understand and use. The green fig smell is amazing as well as the luxurious feel of the goats milk on my skin. These are going to be giving as gifts I even had enough left over to fill some other molds. I am an avid Gardener and have many friends who do as well. Ican't wait to share my wonderful creation from Bramberry with them!

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Great exfoliating soap

I really like this soap, but getting the layers to stick together was a challenge. After my first attempt, I had to melt some additional m&p and pour onto layer 2 and then re-melted layer 3 and poured sooner than suggested so that it would meld a bit with the added layer.

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First time's the charm!

This was a hubby-wife weekend thing and we loved making the soap and it is amazing! It smells divine and the goats milk is delicious and creamy! The crushed walnuts are great on any callouses you may have on your hands or feet. We are ordering more kits!

Very Popular!

I only ordered parts of the kit because I had most of the ingredients. However, I did follow the recipe in the video. This soap is wonderful. The fragrances work so well together. I sold out of the first batch in less than a week. A little too "scratchy" for a body bar but, you could just as easily leave out the exfoliants or use milder ones. I made one bar without them and it's very refreshing in the shower! LOVE LOVE LOVE this soap.

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soap failed

another fail with brambleberry product. am through purchasing anything else from this supplier. followed instructions exactly. minute it came out of mold layer came apart.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sandy! I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results with this kit. We love the scrubby layered soap our Gardener Soap Kit makes, though layers can be a bit tricky to master. For some help with this check out our 5 Tips for Layering Melt and Pour Soap blog post. For the soap now, you can "glue" those layers back together with melt and pour! To do so, melt 1-2 ounces of clear soap on 5 second bursts. When it's melted, brush a light layer on and gently press the separated soap on top. Let that harden for 1-2 hours. That should help your soap stick together.