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My go-to soap recipe

This was my first kit from Brambleberry, and I always go back to it! It always comes out looking fantastic, smells amazing, and in a pinch, allows me to make multiple soaps at once for holidays, favors, etc. I keep a few of these bars sliced up in a dish next to my kitchen sink...they also work great as kitchen soaps. Additionally, I've kept full trays wrapped in cling wrap stored in a closet for six months and they smell just as nice and are just as beautiful as the day I made them (I live in a dry climate). Brilliant soap kit...thank you BB!

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Easy Soap - Amazing Scent

This was my first attempt at a layered soap and it came out perfectly. I gave the soaps as Christmas gifts and everyone raved about the scent. One guy told me he kept smelling it all day. One caution - I did have a friend actually take a bite out of it thinking it was candy. Guess he didn't hear me say it was soap! I enjoyed making this so much that I made a number of other layered soaps as well.

Awesome Kit!

Thanks Brambleberry! This kit was so much fun, I love the fact that everything is there for you and you can make these really nice soap bars that look really beautiful. It is a very easy kit to use, the video is excellent, I watched it before I made mine and they came out awesome! They are not only beautiful but the scents used are so fresh smelling. I plan to give a few away as birthday gifts and save one or two for me! Thanks Bramleberry these kit ideas really are a fun way for a novice to try soaping!!

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This was fun!

I made this yesterday and it was a fun project to do since it was my first time doing layers. The instructions were clear and concise and I had no problems whatsoever. The only thing that was an issue is the walnut seeds, she said to use 1 tablespoon but there was not enough in the bag to fill 1 tablespoon so it didn't come out looking like the picture. I will be making these again. Thank you BB for a wonderful project!

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please help

This is my first kit first soap I made and I really love the smell. I bought the kit and I'm sure I followed the instruction but why my soap has pockets of oil on top? What could I have done wrong and how to fix this problem. I have made more soap using my melt and pour base soap and FO/EO but I get the same results all the soaps I made has pockets of oil on top the next day.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janette! I'm so glad you love the smell of the smell of our Gardener Soap Kit! It sounds like your soap may just be sweating, which is completely normal. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to itself. This is great for your skin but also means your soap will moisture to it from the air, especially if you're in a humid climate. We recommend wrapping your soap after unmolding to help prevent this. To find out more about glycerin dew check out our Augh! What's THAT All Over My Soap?! blog post.