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Lin Mei
It accelerates my CP soap.

For CP soap, it does accelerate. It’s good for solid color soap making which you can mix the fragrance oil and pour into the mold quickly. I wouldn’t recommend doing any swirl techniques. I’ve tried to do it with this oil and ended up throwing away the entire batch. For handmade lotion, putting a few drops of this fragrance oil is perfect. I got a lot of compliments on the smell.

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Worked Like a Charm

I used this FO in 33 oz. of Lots of Lather Quick Mix. After reading all the comments on seizing, I was nervous to try any type of swirl with this FO. I worked at 95° F and blended until the oils and lye were incorporated, just before light trace. I separated the batter into four containers and colored each. I used 1 tsp. of Kaolin clay and 1 tsp. of titanium dioxide in my white container. Then I split 0.9 oz of Gardenia Cybilla into each colored container and stirred it in with a spoon. I was really afraid they would all accelerate or rice, but they didn’t. Alternately, I swirled them into the mold. It totally worked without a glitch. The soap looks beautiful and smells wonderful. I love this fragrance oil and intend to buy lots more.

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Mixed Feelings

I like this FO. In fact I have less trouble with it accelerating or ricing on me than I do the regular Gardenia FO. But I do prefer the single note Gardenia FO for my soaps. But I like this one in my lotions & body sprays. If you prefer a bit less of the Gardenia scent in your products, then this FO would be a good one. It will still accelerate. So just be prepared to move fast & it will work out great for you.

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This scent is so good! It's a light and beautiful floral scent, and I absolutely love it. Please keep it in stock forever!

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It's okay

Very light scent, almost too light. I used it in CP, it traced the soap extremely fast, but I made it work. I did not like though that you can hardly smell it. Next time I'll double up on the scent but I use the same on all my recipes and have never had this issue. I will like to try it in candle, has anyone done so?

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Raysa! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent. We love the Gardenia Cybilla Fragrance Oil and find it to be a very strong scent! Though it is known to accelerate trace in cold process soap. It can also be used in candles! Read more about how to use fragrances in candles here. We have contacted you directly to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue. :-)