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Horrible acceleration

I'm so so disappointed with this fragrance oil. It completely caused my soap batch to rice and batch up. I had read the reviews and thought I was prepared for the quick trace but I wasn't fast enough. I tried to rebatch, but since I use goat milk, the rebatch turned an ugly brown and the smell was not the pleasant gardenia I had hoped for. It was a 5# batch, and regretfully, I lost quite a bit of money since I won't be able to sell the soap.

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My favorite all time scent

I love everything Gardenia. This FO definitely accelerates & have had occasional ricing. I Soap at about 80-85 degrees which gives me about 30 seconds to work with it. So just be prepared & move, move, move! It is so worth it though. I also use it in lotion & body spray to make a Gardenia set.

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Beautiful and True

True smelling Gardenia. This is a super fast seller for me. Be prepared - it rices like mad and sets up FAST. I can't do swirls of any kind. I ended up with perfect layers though! I soaped room temp and hand blended (though I had to beat it to get the ricing out). Will buy again and will only do one color!

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Addictive Fragrance

This stuff is awesome. Per other reviews, it strongly accelerates saponification. To deal with this, I have found using high water (27% lye concentration) and < 105 deg F soaping temperature helps a lot. At 33% lye concentration you have less than 20 seconds. Finally, making simple bars with perhaps a bit of color "streaking", I found that mixing the fragrance in the mold with a whisk is a great way to reduce issues - buys you time.

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Behavior as advertised

I had very little accleration, but it did accelerate. This fragrance definitely riced, this is the first time I've experienced ricing as a new soaper. I just solidered through and got it in the mold. It smells beautiful.