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New favorite

I do love floral but sometime it can be over powering. I mixed this with crisp cotton FO and love it..

Wonderful scent

It does GREATLY accelerate. Even stirring in the fragrance by hand I had 30 seconds maximum to get it in the mold (which I did). My customers will love this!

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Horrible acceleration

I'm so so disappointed with this fragrance oil. It completely caused my soap batch to rice and batch up. I had read the reviews and thought I was prepared for the quick trace but I wasn't fast enough. I tried to rebatch, but since I use goat milk, the rebatch turned an ugly brown and the smell was not the pleasant gardenia I had hoped for. It was a 5# batch, and regretfully, I lost quite a bit of money since I won't be able to sell the soap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Bethany! I'm sorry you had trouble working with this fragrance oil. We love the true to flower scent of our Gardenia Fragrance Oil though it can definitely accelerate or rice quite a bit as florals tend to. It combination with a milk soap which adds extra sugars with your soap it can definitely be tricky to handle! To help slow that acceleration down take 1 oz. (basically equal amounts of fragrance oil to fixed oil) liquid oil out of your recipe and heat it up to 100 degrees. Then, add your fragrance into this oil. This simply dilutes the fragrance oil’s initial acceleration. If it does start to rice you can try using your stick blender to help smooth the soap out as seen in the Soap Behaving Badly blog post. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot.

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My favorite all time scent

I love everything Gardenia. This FO definitely accelerates & have had occasional ricing. I Soap at about 80-85 degrees which gives me about 30 seconds to work with it. So just be prepared & move, move, move! It is so worth it though. I also use it in lotion & body spray to make a Gardenia set.

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Beautiful and True

True smelling Gardenia. This is a super fast seller for me. Be prepared - it rices like mad and sets up FAST. I can't do swirls of any kind. I ended up with perfect layers though! I soaped room temp and hand blended (though I had to beat it to get the ricing out). Will buy again and will only do one color!