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Incredible Immitation

This FO smells so amazing that I want to drink a glass of Ginger Ale every time I smell it. It has the perfect balance of every note.

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Smells just like ginger ale

Sometimes I'm not entirely sure why a fragrance oil has the name it does (maybe my nose is broken), but this one, wow. It smells just like ginger ale, and it's still strong after a few weeks of curing. I used it on a whim in a mixed MP/CP loaf while getting rid of 'confetti' scraps from another project, and it behaved very nicely. No acceleration, no discolouration. We'll see how strong it is once the bars have cured for longer, but I'll definitely be buying this again. It smells a bit like the Champagne fragrance, unsurprisingly, with a bite of sweet ginger.

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Exactly like the name

Smells great, used it in cold process soap, it behaved nicely, lovely bar, smells bubbly like ginger ale, very fresh, it certainly retains its scent nicely.

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Definitely Ginger Ale

I use this in soy candles and it's a favorite. I swear you can almost feel the bubbles it's so realistic.

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yep ginger ale

Sticks well and everyone loves it. Will buy again