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Glittery and Bright Nail Polish kit

This was frustrating to use. There were no directions, only a short, fairly useless video. It came with funnels that made a bigger mess than we could even believe. After a few tries we figured out that the bottles needed to be underfilled by quite a bit and how to get the color in. Again, the funnels were a useless joke. It would be better with some basic instructions and some way of filling the bottles without covering the world with nail polish base and glitter. The finished product was beautiful but I would not do this again and I wouldn't recommend it.

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What You Can Create

This was not my first time using nail polish product but I did learn that I can create colors with it also. I just love it. My nail tech thought I made it kind of light but she done wonders with my creation. I knew when I left the salon I was the only one sporting this shade. It taught me so much on how to make nail polish and basically little about makeup.