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I find this scent to be just lovely OOB, doing a nice incorporation of two of my very favorite scents. I wanted a fruity floral, and opted for this over Apricot Freesia, which I do adore. I am SO glad I did. I soaped at 85 F and added 2 oz of this scent to 1 oz 110F almond oil before adding to my three pitchers of lightly traced colored batter. I worked quickly to do a drop swirl and the batter remained fluid for it, but by the time I scraped out the three bowls, it was accelerating and thickening. A quick mica drizzle decoration on the top and it was getting very thick. So - it will behave - within parameters. Be prepared to move quickly! Can't wait to cut it. It smells DIVINE!

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One of my faves!

Just wonderful especially in melt and pour. It has a creamy note to it in mp soap. Will always keep this one in stock

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My absolute favorite!

If I could smell only one scent for the rest of my life, this would be it. It's amazing. My husband said he doesn't want anymore sandalwood. Just this. It behaved beautifully in the cp soap, too. But even if it didn't, it would be worth it. I can't wait for it to finish curing so I can bathe in it. Please, don't ever change a thing.

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Lovely smell!

Love the fragrance. Sweet and floral. Refreshing. It did accelerate and I had to work fast, but I soaped at higher temps. Somewhere between 110-115. Can't wait to smell it when it's fully cured.

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Love the scent but behaved badly

I love this scent, but it riced and then seized immediately after adding it. What was to be a drop swirl turned into a desperate spoon plop. By the time it was in the mold it looked like my mother's mashed potatoes---and that's not a good thing! I soaped at 113 degrees so if I use this again, I'll try soaping at a lower temp. I hope it turns out because I really do love the scent.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cindy! I'm so glad you like the scent of our Grapefruit Lily Fragrance Oil! Though I'm sorry you had trouble working with it. In our tests and recipes, this fragrance did slightly accelerate, though we did not experience any ricing or seizure. Often times, you can stick blend the ricing out, as seen in our Soap Behaving Badly blog post. This can also result in a much thicker trace. To help slow the acceleration down, you can also try taking 1 oz (basically equal amounts of fragrance oil to fixed oil) liquid oil out of your recipe and heat it up to 100 degrees. Then, add your fragrance into this oil. This simply dilutes the fragrance oil’s initial acceleration. It also helps to whisk in colors and fragrances instead of stick blending.