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This fragrance is lovely! It is not overpowering at all and not too soft, that being said I did use the strong amount in my cp soap and it turned out beautiful! My recipe was very fluid and I soaped at about 100-105 and as soon as I put the f.o. in it did accelerate, but was still workable. I did an in the pot swirl and it set up a bit too fast for a good swirl, but still turned out great. The scent is so well balanced, very delicate, light, and refreshing with a hint of floral. Will definitely purchase again!

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Exotic and Interesting

This is a very uncommon fragrance, so if you are looking for something to break you out of a fragrance rut this would do it. The grapefruit really cuts the sweetness of the lily to keep it from being too cloying. The lily softens the sharpness of the citrus just the right amount. Its really a compelling combination.

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SomeTyme Place

This is hands down my favorite fragrance! I've been using it in lotion bars for a few years now, and people love this fragrance! I'm really not sure why I haven't soaped with it till now, but for some reason I didn't. Well, I finally made cp soap with it and didn't have one ounce of trouble, and the soap smells great! Since this one has floral in it (and my recipe doesn't have a high percentage of olive oil) I soaped at LOW temps. I had plenty of time to get it in the mold. I actually could have done an in-the-pot swirl with the time I had, but I had other plans. If you use this one I would soap at 85-90 degrees. Will definitely use again and again!

Very Cheerful and Uplifting!

I used this in a MP soap and am very please. I wanted something to make me 'wake up' when I'm in the shower and this performed nicely! For me, it discolored clear MP a bit, so I made sure to mix it with some color, but since the batch I was making for myself--I didn't mind. For anyone else, I would mix it with color. I also did a batch where I mixed it with Electric Lemonade for more pop, and wow! It sure did! I would totally buy this again.

I love the scent

I love this scent, is so fresh and sweet that takes you away to a fruits garden covered with lilies, Love it