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Lovely but I had to stop ordering

It's a luxurious and moisturizing soap base, I love all of Brambleberry's soap base as they are made fresh and very easy to work with, they are still warm and moist when delivered to me. However in recent years I catered to more and more eco conscious clientele and I only sell palm free soaps in my shop now, I wish they would bring back the palm free cocoa butter version as the castile soap was too soggy

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This Rebatch soap accepted oils very well and the luxurious lather it creates is undeniable the best I've worked with. So glad to purchase from bramble berry, will be a frequent purchase for me. Love it!!!

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Best Soap Lather

I love this rebatch! I have used some of the grated soap in my m&p which improved that lather. I have used it with the recommended amount of water but was not pleased with the texture. The next time I used 1/2 cup of goa tmilk and heated it in a double boiler until it was very liquid like and blasted it with my stick mixer. It took several hours in the double boiler and about 3 weeks to cure until it was solid enough to use. It was worth it! None of my cp soaps have such a creamy lather.

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Love This Product

I've been using this base for a few months and loves how it turns out and so do my customers! I actually use 3/4 cup of water in a low crock pot for 1 1/2 hours and then use a stick blender till smooth. I then add coloring using blender and then lightly stir in fragrance. It does take a couple of weeks to cure, but the end result is pretty smooth and I love how it feels on my skin!

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Once I got the learning curve down it's wonderful!

This was the very first time for making any kind of soap for me. Once I got the learning curve down it turned out great! I really like this soap. It does come out a bit rougher in appearance than other homemade soap (I have friends who make CP) but for my own sue that's fine! I ended up making it best in my crockpot on low. I added about 1/3 cup distilled water to 2 pounds of base and let it go. Took about 2 hours and it was perfect. Poured it into molds and it was hard enough to use the next day! I also added 3 TBSP of coconut cream fragrance after it melted. It was not a strong smell as I thought it would be but extremely nice.