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Can this be layered?

Can this rebatch soap be layered in the 10” loaf mold like melt and pour soap? Like dusting a charcoal line between layers or even layering different colors? I’m interested to know if its just poured as is after scenting and coloring or are there other techniques?

Do i need preservative

Hello .. I'm new in this field and I'm planning to make creamy sope mixed with beetroot powder and lavender oil I knew I'll be adding more water so I'm wondering if I have to add more Preservative؟ pls respond

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Fabulous - Easy & High Quality

This is a great product. I wanted to make soap for an upcoming wedding, but didn’t have enough cure time for CP. Worked great using oven bag in crockpot. Holds scent well. Luxurious lather. And ready in just a few day! Awesome

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Love this!

First time making any soap and I am thrilled with the result! I made the Wild Flower soap recipe. They turned out beautiful. And I LOVE the lather, creamy with nice bubbles. I can't wait to buy and make more. I LOVE love the rustic look of the finished soap bar! Works perfectly into my product line.

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Lovely but I had to stop ordering

It's a luxurious and moisturizing soap base, I love all of Brambleberry's soap base as they are made fresh and very easy to work with, they are still warm and moist when delivered to me. However in recent years I catered to more and more eco conscious clientele and I only sell palm free soaps in my shop now, I wish they would bring back the palm free cocoa butter version as the castile soap was too soggy