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Great Scent

Love this scent smells just like a bottle of green tea.... wonderful clean and invigorating one of my favorites~

Absolutely Amazing!

Love this scent it is Soothing and Calming! Just beautiful! Everyone loves this popular scent!

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Love it!

I've used this fragrance quite a bit in various products and have never had a problem with it's staying power. I will buy this FO again and again...

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Where Did it Go?

I tried this FO for the first time in CP soap and the fragrance completely disappeared once the soap cured. I have never had that happen with any BB Fragrance Oils. I used the same soap recipe I have been using for years, so it has to be the fragrance oil. I was very disappointed. I absolutely love BB products, just not this one.

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Not exactly pleasant

This is the only fragrance I've ever gotten from this company that I did not like. I made a large batch with it that turned out great except for the smell, which after the cure seemed more like chemicals than cucumber. I've used the same recipe with other fragrance oils without the negtive results. I also tried it in regular Dr. Bronners unscented liquid soap and it was still very unpleasant. I had to grate and rebatch all of the cold process soap I made with it with a heavy dose of Morrocan Mint in an attempt to save the batch. I'm sorry BB, all your other oils have been wonderful.