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smells delicious like fresh green tea brewing

So authentic. If you close your eyes you'd swear there was a fresh bright cup of green tea. Clean soft white floral and honey notes

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Disappointing scent

I buy all my scents from this company and never have I been disappointed until now. Its smells great don't get me wrong however this smells like a lighter version of White Tea and Ginger. I went to my shelf looking specifically for my White Tea and Ginger from BB. I smelled that one and this scent and they were basically the same and felt upset. like I was cheated out of money for a scent I already have.

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Ladybug Candles Soaps & Thing
Smell from Bottle

So, I normally don't write a review this quick but the smell of this Green Tea & Cucumber when I used it this morning to make a quick batch of M & P w/loofah was outstanding. Hoping the scent will carry over to the shower.

Mrs. Amber
Chloe at BB is AWESOME!!!

I actually haven't purchased this FO... YET, but I have gotten the opportunity to smell it, thanks to Chloe & the OUTSTANDING customer service she provides! I had reviewed a different cucumber-based FO, which was a fine FO, just not a personal preference of mine. Because scent preferences can be very unique to the individual, Chloe went out of her way to personally contact me & offer suggestions I might enjoy better. She was so incredibly helpful & sent me a "Sniffy Sample" of this FO... It's FANTASTIC!!!! Even placed in a sealed baggie & envelope, the second I opened my mailbox, I was greeted by this most amazing aroma!!! I absolutely LOVE this!! The scent is strong in potency, but oh-so soothing, relaxing, botanical & fresh!! I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow for 2 weeks, but I can't wait to get back & order this FO!!! I'm so excited to try it out in CP, as I've literally been walking around my house, sniffy sample in hand, jusy smelling it over & over again! It's intoxicating & the absolute BEST Cucumber Green Tea FO I've ever smelled!!! If it weren't for FANTASTIC customer service & Chloe going above & beyond for me, I never would have known how amazing this FO truly is!! I'm absolutely SOLD on this scent!! Thank you Brambleberry & Chloe for truly unsurpassed customer service!!!

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My Favorite

Love, love, love this scent. Same as the Hotel New Yorker's custom shampoo, conditioner, and lotion collection. I wondered where in the world can I find this scent. Lo and behold it's the same as Brambleberry's Green tea and Cucumber. Added a little to a batch of Green Tea face cream. Haven't tried it in soap yet, but it works great in lotion. Wonderful!