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A struggle even for use as an overflow mold

My daughter ordered this for me for a Christmas gift. When she received it, she decided that she didn't want to give it to me because she thought it looked cheap. When I discovered it a bit later, I was so happy to have it and assured her it would get good use (for extra batter). I've had moderate success with this mold. If you superfat, you need to be careful because you may never get your soap out of this mold. I've literally scraped the soap out of these cavities, right into the garbage. I am surprised at the strength of this mold. With the struggles I've had, it doesn't show much wear and tear, and I do like the shapes. I'll just be careful about the recipes I place in this mold, especially if it's winding up in the garbage anyway.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cheryl! With this mold, I recommend giving your soap several days in the mold to ensure it is hard enough to remove. Cold process soap can be a little trickier to remove from individual molds, but we have found that using Sodium Lactate in our lye water helps the soap to become harder faster, and thus easier to remove from the mold.