Are you making your own lip balm? Why not?! Lip gloss, lip shimmers, & lip balms are all very easy and inexpensive to make. You can create an all natural mixture using organic essential oils and nourishing vegetable butters or you can get wild and make them sparkly and decadent with micas and flavors. But a word of warning - once you start making your own beautifully hand crafted lip balms you won't be able to buy another mediocre, manufactured, tube of low quality oil & wax again! 

How to Make Infused Lip Balm from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

Info and Inspiration

  • Making lip balm is super easy with one of our handmade lip balm bases. We make a variety of lip balm bases using the same ingredients you would if you were making it from scratch. Click here for complete instructions on making lip balm with our base.
  • If you want to forego our ready made lip balm base and jump right into making your own balms and butters you can get started with this simple recipe from Anne-Marie.
  • If you are the type who wants a little more information before you begin then consult this great step-by-step tutorial, How to Make Lip Balms.
  • Ready to dive deep? Get your swimsuit on! We bring you Talk It Out Tuesday: Lip Balm an in-depth discussion of all things lip balm with lots of great links included.
  • Want to bring your lip balm to the world? Consult this handy guide on Labeling Your Products: Lip Balm and find out the guidelines so you can get your creations out there.
  • Happy with lip balm? Ready to add some excitement to things and make your own lipsticks? We have an in-depth tutorial, split into two different sections, Lipstick Making - Day One and Lipstick Making - Ingredients & Melting. These great tutorials will have you experimenting with your own colors in no time. It's alive!
  • Pre-Made Bases

    We have easy to use pre-made lip balm bases that take all the work (like measuring) out of making your own lip balm.

  • Coral Mica, Lip Safe MicaLip Safe Colorants

    Things you put on your lips need to be safe for use on skin and if consumed. That is why we compiled this list of colorants.

  • Flavors

    Our Flavor Oils are edible and lip safe. Never use fragrances - always make sure you are using flavor oils or edible essential oils.  

  • Lip Balm KitBasic Lip Balm Kit

    A straight forward kit to get you started. Flavored with our popular Cucumber Melon flavor oil this kit comes with an instruction sheet.

  • Chocolate Lip Balm Kit

    Your lips will never look or taste better than with this lip balm loaded with Vitamin E and cocoa powder.

  • Vanilla Latte Lip Balm Kit

    A simple and tasty recipe built only on what your lips really need.

  • Winter Lip Balm Kit

    A clever twist on the traditional lip balm, this kit comes with our big push tubes which are hard to loose and easy to use!. Check out the great labels that come with this kit!

  • Lipstick Making Kit

    Lipstick is a little more complicated than a lip balm, but this kit will give you everything you need to make multiple shades of different lipsticks for yourself or your friends.

  • Kukui Nut Oil Lip Balm

    A lush lip balm made with coconut and kukui nut oils, white beeswax, and flavored with a touch of coconut oil to give it a light tropical scent.