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Dark blue

I agree with the other reviewer; I used this in my cold process soap, and it ended up a dark blue...which is nothing like the picture shown above for cold process soap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Hyacinth Low Ph LabColor is meant to be used with Low pH products like melt and pour soap. The color will morph in cold process soap and while it can turn out a light blue it is completely dependent on your recipe and temperatures. If you're wanting to use LabColors in Cold Process Soap we would recommend high pH LabColors.

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very pretty!

I used this for lavender soap and the color was light purple and perfect for my melt and pour soap! It looked blue before I diluted it but when I added the droplets to the melted soap it was a perfect lavender! This was my first time with melt and pour and it was very fun! I will buy this again!

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Wrong color!

I was so excited to find a nice purple to mix in with my lavender bars only to find this colorant is BLUE! Not violet or blue-purple but what I can only describe as bright aquamarine blue. I hoped it was simply too concentrated that it just looked blue in my test batch but I tried everything down to a pinprick in all my M&P bases. I just got lighter aqua-blue. I can only hope I was sent a mislabeled bottle because anyone hoping for a purple color will be very disappointed. Since shipping takes about 2 weeks, I had to use the generic colorants at the craft store to fill my order.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi SoapsByJess! In our recipes and tests, we've found the diluted product creates a nice purple color. I'll be emailing you to find out more about your soap!