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off the charts!!!

I have purchased supplies from Bramble Berry for years and have never left a review. This collection is "OFF THE CHARTS" !!! I received my collection and rushed to use them in melt and pour base! Wow the fragrance was amazing. I would be happy just using the FO's and no others. You must try this collection!

Mrs. Amber
This collection is OFF THE HOOK!!! 10+ STARS!!!

I actually did not purchase this specific set (I bought each one separately in 4oz size instead), but something must be said for this collection as a whole, and I'm gonna say it... It's MAGNIFICENT! Each oil deserves its own outstanding review, but I just HAD to say: of all the excellent collections BB has offered, they have really outdone themselves with this one! I originally purchased "Birchwood Oud" and LOVED it (as I thought that was the only one that would really appeal to me... Boy was I WRONG!). Then a good friend of mine sent me "sniffy samples" of the remaining 4 FO's and I was BLOWN AWAY! I immediately ordered the rest of the set! Every single fragrance is a masterpiece! It was also important to me to give a huge THANK YOU to Matt, Chloe & the rest of the AMAZING BB team!! They went above & beyond for me when I needed to make a change in my shipping method, and if this was a trouble or inconvenience for them, they certainly didn't show it! EVERY time I've reached out for help or answers to questions, I have received nothing but the absolute friendliest & BEST customer service! It's SO appreciated!!! THANK YOU BRAMBLEBERRY for outstanding customer care & outstanding products! Your help has always been so immensely valuable to me! THANK YOU!!

Verified Purchase

Had to come back and get a second

Verified Purchase
Love all of the smells!

I love every scent in this collection out of the the bottle, don't know what they'll all amen line once they've had weeks of curring. I gave 4 stars because I used the Lingonberry spice first in a batch of cold process soap, and even after letting everything cool down to room temperature. & mostly hand mixing it accelerated very quickly. The soap still smells great.

Verified Purchase
Love the new collection

I love all of the new Hygge scents. Wonderful eah of them. Can’t wait to use them.