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Love This Coconut

I don't understand why this has such bad reviews. Read the description, people! It says right there that this is going to fade in CP soap, so it's no one's fault but your own when you make CP soap and the fragrance doesn't stick. Since I read the description, I didn't use this in CP soap, but I do use it in everything else. And this is the perfect coconut scent. Warm, tropical, and delicious, it instantly reminds you of summer. Perfect on its own, but also blends well.

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Not good for CP

I bought 7 ounces or so and even scenting more then an ounce per lb of oil the scent didn't come through. Won't buy this again. Are their any coconut scents that come through well in CP soap?

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No go

I read the reviews before I bought this. Some said it was fine and others said no go. I took a chance and made 4 pounds of what I thought was going to smell somewhat like a coconut. I have no clue what I could even call this fragrance!

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Doesn't smell like anything!

I got a little sample of this a while ago and it smelled so good that I needed to order a big size. I thought I was going crazy when I got it because it didn't smell like anything. I've had a few friends smell it too just to make sure I haven't lost my sense of smell and they can't smell it either. I guess I just got a bad batch but I'm so sad because I was gonna use this to make everything.

AWESOME sugar scrubs!

I made solid sugar scrubs and added 10 drops of this with 10 drops of relaxing and OMG its so soft and warm. VERY lovely & lingers in such a good way! I havent tried it in CP but any good soapmaker knows to research everything especially additives and fragrances that are going in their soap. This is soap making. Chemistry. I understand many soap makers arent that sharp/patient but seriously research your oils. If it discolors I simply only scent a brown color and incorporate a swirl into my white soap or make the top with brown swirled in so it smells extra strong. Anyways, I got this in the sampler pack (which so far ive loved all of them!) I used it with the white clear melt and pour for my solid scrub and it smells so good and it doesnt discolor clear M&P at all. This is going to be a for sure staple in my scrubs & lotions and i may dabble with the liquid soap but I think ill continue to search for a stronger coconut smell for my cp. Any suggestions would be great!