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The color is beautiful, just as pictured above and perfect for what I wanted. Unfortunately, to get it I had to use the entire 10ml mixed exactly per directions in 8 oz. of water. The additional water slowed immulsion and trace dramatically in my CP 3.75 lb batch. My accent color, in another container, continued to thicken by itself while I alternated between 2 stick blenders trying to bring the Ivy Mist to trace. After 30 minutes with no progress, I folded the accent color back in to the main batch and continued to mix for another 10 minutes until I finally had good emulsion and light/medium trace. This was a tried and true recipe and FO, but my first Lab color. I think I'll stick to oxides mixed in oils........

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Su! When working with LabColors, you do need to dilute the full 10 mL or 20 mL in the full 8 or 16 ounces of distilled water before using it in your batches. If you don't dilute it, you can actually come up with spotty soaps like one seen at the beginning of this blog post. You can also learn more about the usage rates of LabColors in cold process soap in this blog post.