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Best Scale out there!

I'm ordering my third scale. My first purchased 8 years ago works great...worn out and ugly but functions just fine. I use it for wet ingredients, the other two for dry ingredients. It's accurate, has a large plate for pots to sit on safely.

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I loved this scale but now, after less than three years, I have to replace it. The on and off button didn't hold up and now the scale is malfunctioning.

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Worth it

I searched for comparable scales online & this is the best deal. I'm happy with its accuracy. You can find this one on Amazon & it looks like it's a little cheaper, but it doesn't include the power cord. I like the option to use either batteries or plug it in. The clear shield is definitely a nice touch..

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Highly recommended

I couldn't wait to use the scale, but it was wrapped with Christmas presents. I made a batch of soap Christmas day and I love the simple to use scale. It also seems very durable and I no longer have to fear the 9V battery dying in the middle of measuring.

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Update - weighing small amts

My earlier review of the KD-7000 scale was rather negative, as I could not measure very small amounts, like 1 gram. After reading more about scales, I learned that scales that have a larger capacity aren't as accurate at very small amounts. So I am going to keep this scale. I will get another scale that measures only small amounts - like a jewelers' scale - just for use with my essential oils and other products that weigh only a gram or less. They are accurate down to 0.01g