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Update - weighing small amts

My earlier review of the KD-7000 scale was rather negative, as I could not measure very small amounts, like 1 gram. After reading more about scales, I learned that scales that have a larger capacity aren't as accurate at very small amounts. So I am going to keep this scale. I will get another scale that measures only small amounts - like a jewelers' scale - just for use with my essential oils and other products that weigh only a gram or less. They are accurate down to 0.01g

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I was thrilled to get my order yesterday. I received my scale and I was totally impressed with the professional look. Today, I made a batch of soap using this scale, I was impressed. I was only making soap for many years for my friends and family, it was only a hobby. I have decided to launch my own company, and I knew that I needed something better than the kitchen scale I had been using so I decided to purchase this one after reading all the great reviews. I saw this scale at another soap company, and the price is way too much, this was priced at fair price, and it work like magic. It is very sensitive to the touch. I is strong and I love the shell over the buttons. I can't say enough good things about this scale. I know in the future when I get my business off and running, that I will have to purchase the other one from BB that is bit more pricey but for now, this one is great.

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KD7000 Scale with "Small" Adapter

I am new to soaping and love the scale. I am having fun learning to make soap for my family.

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Great Scales!

I began soaping this year (2014) in August. I started with a small scales that I had bought from Amazon. They were OK for measuring small amounts of food but with soaping I was finding the small scales would tip when I put a big pot on it. So when there was a sale on this scale I jumped on it and bought it! So happy I did! I like the adapter too. No more batteries to keep on hand. There is a shield guard that protects the buttons that is easy to clean.


Love this scale! Very easy to use and very accurate. I use the tare feature and different weights mode feature many times every batch I make. It's also very easy to clean. The clear cover over the buttons works great to catch soap drippings. The scale is a little larger than some, but fits well into my soap making space. You can't go wrong with this one!