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Perfect Lime Green

This is one of my favorite green micas. I have used this in a few soaps where I need a light or lime green shade and it's perfect. I've never experienced any color morphing with this mica. It is always a true shade of pale green. It is perfect in my Lily of the Valley soaps and it contrasts very nicely with a pale pink in other floral soaps. I'd give this more stars if I could!

Verified Purchase
Color morphed

I used this in cold process soaps and after curing for a few days, the color has morphed into a brownish green. I followed the instructions and use in conjunction with ultramarine blue, and green oxide. Very disappointing.

Nice Green!

I just bought this and had to put it to good use. I made Eucalyptus Spearmint (Essential Oil) CP soap. I swirled (in the pot) it with one part "Caribbean Blue" mica and one part Titanium Dioxide. It mixed in very well and turned out so lovely. The green is a great mellow green. Fresh green, not strong like some other greens I have.