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Oh my, oh my!

I bought them with good faith. And as much as I like the colors and the packaging all of the bathbombs I made using the colorants -and I mean ALL OF THEM! Have prematurely fizzed. Ruined quite few batches. I’d rather have plain white bath bombs than use the color ants and risk ruining my product :/

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The La Bomb colorants are designed to work with bath bombs. They are made with glycerin and alcohol with no water so they should not be causing an premature fizzing. If you live in a high humidity in climate the moisture in the air can cause your bath bombs to fizz early. To help with this we recommend shrink wrapping or keeping your bath bombs as airtight as possible after they have hardened. For more information check out our Bath Bomb Questions & Answers blog post.

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Is it allowed?

I've heard that when selling bath bombs, only batch certified lake colors and micas can be used for color (aside from natural remedies) can I make bath bombs with your color and still safely sell them? Thank you! I love the rich color, and how easy they are to use; I'd hate to work without them :(

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Love these colorants!

I gave only a for because some of them you have to use more than stated for a vibrant color. With that said, I love that these don't stain, are easily dispersed for my BB recipe. I just add it to my liquids and use my mini mixer, then add the liquids to the powders. No spotting, blends beautifully. I did notice though that some will discolor the dead sea salts in my bombs, but it actually looks kinda neat to have the specks. Thanks again BB!

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Good if you know what you're doing

I bought the set of colors and so far my absolute favorite is "Gurlie Pink". Its vibrant and dyes the bath water a beautiful rich pink color. You have to work the color into your mix for a good 10 minutes. I spray my mix with a spray bottle about 3 times gently while working the color in. That way it doesn't speckle. I didn't think the lilac was anything to write home about. It didn't give me the color I wanted for my lavender themed bath bomb. But maybe I haven't perfected it yet. Overall these colorants are awesome and great quality.

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Awesome for Bombs and...

Also used this for coloring clear melt and pour for embeds! Worked like a charm! I used the lilac and colored some small raspberry shaped embeds and love them! just takes a drop or two till you get your desired color.