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Can these be used for candles as well?

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Very disappointed

I too, like Ann, spent a considerable sum for this product. I read the instructions, mixed colors with water in plastic bottles, then blended the colors according to the color chart. Dark Sky which was to be an extremely dark blue was green. Lilac was red and they did not bleed into each other. In my opinion, save your money to purchase something worthwhile.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi SoapKat! I'm sorry you were also disappointed in this set. LabColors can be a bit tricky to get used to! With this set of colors it's important to follow the ideas on the LabColor Blending Chart for the right kind of product. Low pH blends need to be used for low pH products and High pH blends should only be used for high pH products. Also, if you're making cold process soap temperature is a huge component when it comes to these colors. Gel phase is your friend as it allows the colors to stay brighter and helps them morph into the correct color if need be. For more information check out our LabColors and Gel Phase are Friends & Back and Better than Ever: LabColors blog posts.