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Great in Theory

I bought a few of these to try them out because they looked like a great idea.y melt and pour soaps look great in them. I had intended to use a few as test molds to see the shape and how well they worked. But... I can't get them out of the mold. I wonder how anyone else will either.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Rosalind! I'm so glad you liked how your soap looked in these molds though I'm sorry they were too hard to remove for you! They can be a little tricky to unmold from but they are a great packaging option :-) To help make the removal more easy you can try pulling at the sides first to help break the airlock - they can then be more easily tapped out! See an example in our Beginner's Soapmaking Tutorial.

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Really like these

So easy to use. I juse have to make sure I don't over fill so that I can snap the lid on. This mold makes the perfect size bar of soap

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Great product. Ordering again!

These shipped in a paper bag which may have been where the problem came from. I made quite a few bars of soap today and these molds give the perfect size bar! The edges are also slightly rounded so the sides aren't sharp like when cutting bars from a loaf. The only problem I had was a few of the tops won't stay on and they can be hard to unmold. I think a few of the tops were slightly bent which keeps it from closing all the way and it kept popping off. I just kept these as testers for myself so it wasn't a big problem. Other than that these are great! I will probably order them again just because they are so easy to use and I like this packaging better than shrink or saran wrap.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jacob! I'm so glad you like these Lidded Molds and find them to make the perfect sized bar! I'm sorry some of them arrived damaged. Customer service has contact you directly to resolve this issue. :-)

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Nice, but I have concerns

Hi, My glycerin soaps look great in these. The price is right, and they are easy to use. The customers are having a hard time getting the soaps out of the molds with out damaging the soap. It does seem really hard to get the soaps out. What I am I doing wrong? Is there a glycerin that would be less sticky or have a harder consistency?

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Love these clamshells

These clamshells are so easy to use. Could you also carry an oval shape clamshell as well?