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Nice Lilac Fragrance

This was one of the first fragrance I ordered from Brambleberry and I found it was a very nice lilac scent. Maybe not a true flower, but it's up there with the best lilac fragrances I have experienced. I use this in a reed diffuser, but it would also be nice in a solid perfume, or perhaps even in a bath bomb.

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Not lilac!!

I accidentally ordered this I ment to get the BB lilac (which is Amazing!) and when I smelled this cybil Lilac it's smells nothing like lilac 😒 Infact it smells more like grass stain FO!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Elizabeth! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this fragrance. We love our Lilac Cybilla Fragrance Oil and find it to be true to the flower, though it is sweeter than our Lilac Fragrance Oil. I will email you personally to resolve this issue.

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Loved it!

I find this one super realistic, and beautiful! Really great for a spring collection!

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Nice fragrance

This is true to the flower and a top seller for me. It does accelerate but it is workable. I think the Cybilla is a bit truer to the flower than the BB Lilac, although both scents are nice, the Cybilla also moves a bit slower than the BB version, I think.

Not a fan

I tried this fragrance oil, and it is the first time in all the years I've been making soap that I have had ricing. Because it moves so fast, there was no stick blending it out. Very disappointing experience.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cyndi! I'm sorry to hear this fragrance did not behave well for you. In our tests, we did experience a small amount of acceleration, but did not experience any ricing. I will be contacting you personally to find out why this may have happened to your batch, so please look for my email! :) A great way to save a batch of soap that has experienced ricing is to make rebatch soap! To learn more about how to rebatch soap, you might find the Hot Process Hero blog post helpful. To learn more about ricing, our Soap Behaving Badly blog post may be helpful to you as well! :)