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Accelerates but workable

Reviews scared me off for quite sometime, but finally decided to make cp soap. Soaped cool at around 100F with palm, coconut, olive, canola, rice bran, castor, and cocoa butter. If anything this fragrance needed more stick blending to get it to a thicker trace. Once in the mold I had to wait for it to set up and then I noticed a little applesauce when making my peaks, but I could've just blended more and put in the mold and it would've been perfect. I did not attempt a swirl due to reviews, but would've had plenty of time. This scent is very true to a lilac smell. Very nice.

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Lilac fragrance oil

I'm crazy about this scent!! Smells just like a lilac garden from my childhood. everyone loves it!! I'm buying more!

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Love this fragrance! It's strong and very true to the real thing.

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Very realistic lilac!

I made a 5lb batch of beautiful lilac soap (cp) and it sold out the first day it hit the shelf! It accelerated but it was workable. I still did a great hanger swirl with 4colors no problem. I did soap at room temp and used a mostly soft oil recipe.

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Amazing smell...behaves badly

Lilac is one of my favorite florals. The sscent is right on but when I added to my soap batter, it made the batter seize! I was left with a chunky, super thick applesauce-like batter and a ruined 5 lb batch of soap.