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Love this fragrance! It's strong and very true to the real thing.

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Very realistic lilac!

I made a 5lb batch of beautiful lilac soap (cp) and it sold out the first day it hit the shelf! It accelerated but it was workable. I still did a great hanger swirl with 4colors no problem. I did soap at room temp and used a mostly soft oil recipe.

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Amazing smell...behaves badly

Lilac is one of my favorite florals. The sscent is right on but when I added to my soap batter, it made the batter seize! I was left with a chunky, super thick applesauce-like batter and a ruined 5 lb batch of soap.

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Nice scent BUT

I love this FO's scent. However, my batch of castile soap started ricing as soon as I poured FO. I don't like to scent heavily so I only used one ounce of this FO in the 7 lbs batch. It looked when I started to pour it into the mold but soon after I noticed little rices in the mold and next thing you know, my batch became like a steamed rice cake with rice not fully grinded. It was so thick I could not even stick blend it out. Other people seem to be fine with this FO, so I really have no idea what went wrong.

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Morphs over time

This FO is a bit tricky to work with. You need to work fast. I add it to my oils and blend before I add my lye. Then mix just till emulsified and pour. It's workable, though not fun. I made a couple of batches last year. Smelled great until it had aged 3 to 4 months (in general, florals aren't fast movers at my markets). It loses some of the lovely floral and becomes a bit plasticy. And then, of course, sales REALLY slow down. I was told by someone on a soap making group to try using less to start with. So, will try a batch this spring backing off on the amount used. It's great for the first few months.