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worked great in CP

I had a plan b just in case it moved too fast. I soaped at room temperature and did not do my typical water discount. I mixed my colorants first and only brought the batter to emulsion. I had time to do a three color drop/hanger swirl. I’m loving the smell as these cure and hope the scent lasts.

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Great Lasting scent

I have used this fragrance for about 4 years. The scent is wonderful and long lasting. A best seller!

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Alison, MN
Can’t keep in stock!!!

My customers love this. I use it in my lotions, and room/body sprays. Spells like real lilacs!

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I used this Lilac fragrance in a hot process soap, and my entire house smells like the wonderful, springtime smell of blooming lilacs. I am absolutely ordering this again!

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My new favorite

This is my new favorite scent! It smells exactly like lilac bushes in the spring. Accelerated my co soap just a little, but I was anticipating it might. Overheated my test batch, but I had a pretty high water discount. Tried more water and put it right in the fridge, and I see only a hairline crack that may go unnoticed. Smells gorgeous. I scented it for medium strength, so I hope it lasts through the cure!