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Sherry Bradford
Great kit!

Price and quality excellent. Directions very clear. When I do another - and I will definitely order more of this base - I will add just a smudge more scent. The cucumber melon is lovely but the recommended rate was just a tad too light for me. But scent is soooo personal. If you have never made a lip balm before, this one is excellent and the quality of the base is marvelous!

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Can someone not count?

I was so happy to try my first kit. I am really disapointed that I only got 11 of each of the pots.

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Missing a container, not very long lasting

I ordered this kit because I had wanted to make lip balm for a while and this seems like a good place to start. The kit arrived in a brown paper bag and had detailed instructions. However, there was one container that did not have a lid. When I made the lip balms, I thought they smelt and felt great, but wore off way more quickly than usual. After several batches of my made-from-scratch lip balm experiments, I have found that I can make much better lip balms that last longer and feel better than this one does. Perhaps the base has too much oil and not enough beeswax. Either way, I thought that this kit could have been packaged better, since the number of containers and lids was wrong, and that the base wasn't the greatest.

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Fun with Granddaughter

Made this kit with my 10 yr. old granddaughter. Sooo much fun and very easy. We changed the fragrances - hearts were mint julep and daisies were orange. Used dropper to put them in pots - had to work fast - but she was able to handle it. Came out great! Gave them away to everyone she could think of. Makes 24. I have four left. :)

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This was so much fun! The directions were perfectly clear, and my balms turned out amazing! I've been passing them around to my coworkers and friends all day. I LOVE the cucumber melon scent, and the Rose Pearl color turned into this beautiful soft pink. Can't wait to try out other colors and oils.