Want to try your hand at making your own lip balms? Lip gloss, lip shimmers, & lip balms are all very easy and inexpensive to make. You can create an all natural mixture using organic essential oils and nourishing vegetable butters or you can get wild and make them sparkly and decadent with micas and flavors. But a word of warning - once you start making your own beautifully hand crafted lip balms you won't be able to buy another mediocre, manufactured, tube of low quality oil & wax again! 

Info and Inspiration

  • Luscious Lip Balm in our retro slide tins This recipe is one of our favorite basic recipes and was featured in Kiwi magazine.
  • Check out this recipe using real chocolate it's delicious and nutritious. No really! chocolate is a great source of anti-oxidants. 
  • Want a little more shine? Castor oil adds a long lasting gloss to your lip balm but to make it even easier see this recipe on the Soap Queen blog.
  • Here are 2 more tried and true lip balm variations. This one featuring moisturizing Shea butter and this one with yummy cocoa butter.
  • Want to make your own unique lip balm concoction? Read this page to learn the proper proportions for oil to wax to butter when creating a well-balanced lip balm.
  • What's the difference between lipstick and lip balm? More pigment and mica than you would think could possibly mix into your melted oils is what separates the sticks from the balms. This article explains the process of making lipstick in detail.
  • Pre-Made Bases

    We have an easy to use pre-made lip balm base that takes all the work (like measuring) out of making your own lip balm.

  • Containers

    We have pots and tubes to contain your hand-crafted lip-loving good stuff.

  • Flavors

    Using only edible and lip safe ingredients is key to making a perfect lip balm. Never use fragrances - always make sure you are using flavor oils or edible essential oils.  

  • Micas

    As with all of your ingredients, make sure your micas are approved for use in lip products, too. In addition to this brief list, we have a comprehensive list of our lip-safe micas here.

  • Oils

    From the exotic to the mundane you can use pretty much an liquid oil in your in lip balm elixirs. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  • Waxes

    Adding wax to your lip balm gives it body. We have all natural beeswax as well as vegan friendly candelilla wax so that your lip balms can be enjoyed by everyone.