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Liquid soap

Included FO did not work, no crockpot direction

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback

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Perfect first time liquid soap session

It took me awhile to get to make this soap kit because it really does take a long time but it was worth it. So, a thing happened, I ran out of shampoo recently and tried washing my hair with the finished soap that I made and it was great! Honestly I expected it to really dry out my scalp as I figured it was just hand soap. So now I'm wondering is there really a difference between hand soap, shampoo, body wash, etc? I mean I wouldn't use commercial hand soap in my hair but is handcrafted stuff different?

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First timer

As a first time liquid soap making I was glad to have all the tools provided in this kit (video and book). However, there was some minor discrepancies between the video and the book during the paste making process and not wanting to waste my product or efforts if I did it wrong concerned me a little. In the end all worked out fine as it appears the process does allow some variation.