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Phenonip vs optithen

Please can u tell me I don't have phenonip I only have optiphen would it be the same oz as phenonip? Thank u

Few queries

Hi team, I have purchased many products from your website and really happy with it. Your team quickly responds and I m very happy and grateful to each one of you. I have a query. Today I tried lotion making after watching the video from soap queen tv and I liked the lotion but the texture has some round lumps. I did melt all of them properly and did exactly what is said in the video. Only difference is I used the normal emulsifying wax bought from your website instead of btms and used refined Shea butter instead of raw. It looks like the lotion that Annie shows in the video, that she tried using xanthum gum. Could you please help me?

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azar mendoza
Best investment made to insure longevity and healing for my many tattoos

Tattoos have 3 stages of healing, the first stage begins after the tattoo is finished. The aftercare is such a critical process and not every person heals the same. I learned the hard way as my first tattoo was ruined by the aftercare products I placed on my skin, I am a hard healer, my skin went into a state of shock. Thus in turn left to rework and coverup the original art work with a new mindset on aftercare. Bramble berrys lotion kit was my first and only choice as I was in control of the overall ingredients. After washing with homemade soap, I would need to moisturize and keep it moisturized. So by fine tuning the receipe and after lots of research I chose to use Moringa oil, jojobs oil, hazlenut oil, kukui oil, Mango kernal oil, Helichrysuim, Calendula, Comfrey, Beeswax, butters. Note: not all of these were in the lotion, I also made a salve to apply after the lotion and an oil blend to use through out the the last and final stages of healing. My art work after 5 years is still vibrant, healed with no scars, and has tones and even out the pigment in my skin and I also suffer from Eczema. Breakouts were always an issue, but since being able to control what gets put on my skin, I have not had one break out for 5 years. Thank you Bramble Berry for having this kit!

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Shipping issue

I just got this in today opened it up and even though every thing was taped closed my avocado oil leaked. I understand that sometimes accidents happen but this could have been avoided if the Avocado oil and sweet almond oil where packed in the upper right position and not on their side.

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More like four & a half

This kit was one of my first purchases from Bramble Berry, and there have been many others since. lol Since I'm not fond of lavender, I also bought a small bottle of Love Spell specifically for this purpose. I read the booklet, followed the instructions, and created some wonderful, thick lotion that so far everybody loves. The only reason I would prefer to give it four & a half stars instead of five is that (a) I didn't really like the two fragrances included in the kit. Like I said above, I don't like lavender overly much, but, while I usually love cucumber melon, this one was way too sweet, very cloying. It reminds me of Suave's cucumber melon lotion. And (b) the bottles are a problem. The lotion comes out *very* thick, which I really like, but that means that you would be better off with a tube, rather than a bottle. For later batches, I bought tubes from somewhere else, and they work great.