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Shipping issue

I just got this in today opened it up and even though every thing was taped closed my avocado oil leaked. I understand that sometimes accidents happen but this could have been avoided if the Avocado oil and sweet almond oil where packed in the upper right position and not on their side.

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More like four & a half

This kit was one of my first purchases from Bramble Berry, and there have been many others since. lol Since I'm not fond of lavender, I also bought a small bottle of Love Spell specifically for this purpose. I read the booklet, followed the instructions, and created some wonderful, thick lotion that so far everybody loves. The only reason I would prefer to give it four & a half stars instead of five is that (a) I didn't really like the two fragrances included in the kit. Like I said above, I don't like lavender overly much, but, while I usually love cucumber melon, this one was way too sweet, very cloying. It reminds me of Suave's cucumber melon lotion. And (b) the bottles are a problem. The lotion comes out *very* thick, which I really like, but that means that you would be better off with a tube, rather than a bottle. For later batches, I bought tubes from somewhere else, and they work great.

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Just love this kit

First time making lotion from scratch and could not believe how easy it was. Have always bought pre-made lotion, no more. The cucumber melon FO is a winner too . My kitchen smells wonderful and even the men in my family (and their friends) love the fragrance. Cant wait to try other oils and fragrances. This kit has a very generous supply of items to play with. Your tutorials are also fun to watch. Thanks

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Must make more!

Thank you, Brambleberry! Easy to make, comes complete with simple direction book, loved the tutorial, and the product is amazing! Love the cucumber melon FO. My skin after one application feels so smooth and amazing; I can't stop touching it and smelling it!! I am purchasing bulk now and I've 2 questions: Can this recipe be duplicated? About how long is the shelf life? Thank you, again.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Frances! I'm so glad you loved our Lotions Kit! This recipe can definitely be duplicated without purchasing the kit. Just purchase larger amounts of each item under the "Kit Includes:" heading. The shelf life for any oil is equivalent to the oil with the shortest shelf life used. In this case, Sweet Almond Oil (and your lotion made with it) has a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year.

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This is my favorite lotion kit!

I've tried another lotion kit from a different soap supplier, and i found that kit very difficult to work with. However, the brambleberry kit comes with everything you need to make more than a few batches of different lotion. Its easy to follow and people constantly ask me to make them lotion with the recipe from this kit. I am very happy with it, and I highly recommend it. The only con I have about it is I wish the kit came with some disposable droppers for the fragrance and preservative because without them the measurements are tricky to get right and spillage can be a problem.