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Love it

I got it as a free gift. I made cp soap and love it. My skin feels softer. I live where it is really dry and this helps my skin..

WOW What a surprise!

I recieved Lotus Flower extract as a gift and was curious that it had no scent - I had to look it up on BB site =) Anyway, I'm a complete newbie at soap and bath product creation so I headed over to SoapQueen and found the baby's Breath Bath Bomb recipe. My bombs turned out great, but poofed up overnight. I've never made bath bombs before so I figure I used too much liquid. I tried them and was completely amazed at how soft my skin felt!! The lotus extract is so luxurious, soothing and smoothing (i have winter dry skin) I think the Baby's Breath FO is my new favorite as well. I'll definatley be buying more in my next order! BB, could you offer a size between 1 and 16 oz in your botanical extracts, PLEEEEEASE!!!! =D

What exactly is Lotus Flower Extract

I was confused about the common names for this oil. Is this an extract of the Lotus Flower or fractionated coconut oil?

Free Gift With Purchase

I received this as an add-on free gift with my purchase and unfortunately it didn't smell like anything. In fact, I think it was just oil and they may have accidentally forgot to add the fragrance to it. I would have loved to smell it as I typically love lotus scents!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Lotus Flower Extract is a botanical extract so it does not have any scent. If you're wanting something with a scent you would want an Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil.