Mineral Makeup IconWant to make your own all natural mineral make-up? Maybe you want to know down to the last ingredient what you put on your skin or maybe you just can't find that perfect shade of lipstick. Bramble Berry has everything you need to make customized mineral make-up.

Info and Inspiration

  • Mineral Makeup Vignette featuring a pearly blue eyeshadow blend made with our Vivid Eye shadow kitLearn how to get the perfect smoky eye and a fabulous mossy green eye shadow recipe over at the Soap Queen Blog. 
  • Learn the seemingly complicated technique of foiling and find a recipe for the perfect delicate pink at this tutorial.
  • Making mineral make-up is so easy you can even do it on TV in under a minute! But seriously, watch this brief video as Anne-Marie demonstrates how easy it is to mix up eye shadow.
  • There are endless possibilities when making your own lipstick. Here is a great sheer recipe and here's another featuring hemp oil.
  • You'll love this article on mixing lip stick colors, while this blog post about the ingredients used in lip stick may seem a little boring but it's really good info.
  • Eye shadow kit

    Our Neutrals and Metallics eye shadow kit is our most popular mineral make-up kit. Creating yor own eyeshadow that is uniquely yours is a snap with our kit.

  • Foundation kit

    Has everything you need to make all different types of foundations and bronzers.

  • Lipstick kit

    Who knew D.I.Y. lipstick could be this easy? Make an opaque matte finish lip stick, a translucent shimmery balm - it's your choice.  

  • Bases

    Maybe you have some micas and oxides already and just need a base powder or 2 to get started.

  • Micas

    We have so many micas it can be hard to choose. So we've narrowed it down to these, our most versatile and bestselling colors.

  • Brushes

    Soft and silky, our brushes caress your face as they apply the perfect amount of powder.