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Lots of money gone

1.) The kit doesn’t come with everything you need for the suggested foundation recipes such as, zinc oxide. (I was trying to make the fair skin, matte finish powder) Also, there is no yellow or green to change the coloring for warm skin tones. (It comes out a very light smoky lavender) I have wasted money having to order the zinc oxide and now I am going to have to order the yellow and green, which will be more shipping charges. 2.) The recipe for this foundation doesn’t make any sense. How can 1 gram of titanium oxide equal 1 teaspoon and then the next ingredient down says 3 grams of Dry Flo is 1 teaspoon; therefore, the book needs to be updated. 3.) Dry Flo not included in the box; however, after having to email the company I found out it could be substituted…at which I purchased the product to be ready ahead of time before I got the kit. (I was reading the instructions early to prepare what I wanted to make) It came in the kit, so again I wasted money on product and shipping…again. 4.) The bronzer in the kit is very shiny, which is not even in style anymore, it would be nice if the book stated that. It is a very Jennifer Lopez look. If that is the look you want for summer, then it is a great bronzer. It is very pretty. There is an ingredient that is not in the box that you will need, but this recipe is just and extra one, so I would not expect it to be. I would love to make a highlighter and matte bronzer (in style now) but these are not in the book.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Christine! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this kit. We tried to include colors that would work for every skintone but it is a beginning kit and some customization may be necessary. While there are some matte formulas included in this kit it definitely also has some focus on shimmer, especially with the bronzers. While a highlighter recipe was not included you may be interested in our Moisturizing Highlighter Sticks Tutorial and Kit. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot further :-)

Mineral makeup kit

I love this kit. My clients are very satisfied with the products

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Sad day

I am so thoroughly disapointed with this kit.I do think the colors are beautiful and with the right recipes would be gorgeous. However I have deep/tan skin and I started making my makeup using the guidlines in the mineral makeup book. First of all I found some of the recipes confusing . The first one I tried was so far off it literally came out purple. I was sent no color wheel in my ebook to correct it so I looked one up online. No green or yellow included to fix it so I pulled out the tumeric.Still couldnt be fixed. I had already used so much of the dark colors needed to make anything for my skintone that I had none left to start over Moved on to bronzers. I had even ordered extra micas in anticipation to make a great bronzer. It turned out so light it matched my skin better than the foundation. Of course No black left to darken it. Just a waste of a day.dont think its geared toward darker skin tones. And I dont think olive skin tones should be a bonus recipe without colors included

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Michele! I'm so sorry you were disappointed in this kit. It can be tricky to find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. There are recipes for light, medium and dark skin tones that can be tweaked and customized until they blend into your skin. I will contact you directly to help with this.

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I guess I didn't realize what I was getting into by making my own makeup. It was hard to find my exact color, and I didn't want to waste the supplies experimenting. Also, the powder was messy and hard to clean. But, I did use the colorant and titanium dioxide for lip stick, which was really nice.

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I was disappointed with the kit for three reasons. 1. I didn't get the mini scoop and had a hard time measuring as my scale doesn't register that small of a quantity. 2. My color came out too pink and the instructions said to add the opposite color from the color wheel 'if its too pink, add more green' But there is not any green or yellow in the kit-which is almost half the color wheel! 3. the brush keeps shedding.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kristine! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this kit. It typically doesn't come with mini scoops, but I would be more than happy to send you some. Also, because the brush is very soft, it can shed slightly. I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this issue!