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morrocan mint

Best fragrance I sell. I cannot keep it in stock. Performs beautifully no A OR D. Most common customer comment- I want to eat it 👍👍

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Sweet Mint

I made a CP soap (mostly olive oil, some castor, some shea butter) but realized after I poured it in the mold that I forgot to add the fragrance! So I immediately made a second batch, same recipe, but poured into individual round molds instead of a 10" mold. I did notice that the soap with the fragrance was softer than the 10" mold. I could unmold and cut the unscented recipe within 24 hours, while the scented soap was still a little soft. Still, I was able to remove the individual soaps from their molds within 36 hours, not a huge difference. Overall, a sweet mint scent that behaved really nicely. I'll use it again for sure!

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Not my Fav

I used this FO in my CP soap. Its not my fav, but i will have to see how my samplers like it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lorrie! I'm sorry the Moroccan Mint Fragrance Oil wasn't your favorite but I hope your samplers like it! We love this mint blend but if you're looking for something different you may prefer one of our mint essential oils like Peppermint Essential Oil, 2nd Distill or Spearmint Essential Oil or for another blend the Bamboo Mint Fragrance Oil.

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Really like it

This is a great mint scent! It mixes well with other scents, and it's beautiful on it's own. It behaves well, and the scent holds well.

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Popular mint

My customers seem to be enjoying it. I find it smells like a toothpaste mint in the bottle and in bath bombs but smells better in CP and MP soap.