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Homage to the Moroccan tea

I've away from my home country for 20 years! This, when it arrived, it took me back to my childhood, it smells exactly like a cup of Moroccan Tea, it behaves beautify in CP soap... I became so sentimental... Thanks you BB for this amazing "Memories in a Bottle"

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A soft pleasing mint

This is not an "in your face" mint fragrance. If you want that, go for the peppermint FO. This is more of a sophisticated mint FO. Like the "peppermint" got dressed up and went out to dinner.

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fresh mint

This is another favorite, has a nice invigorating mint scent. Have no troubles in cold process.

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morrocan mint

Best fragrance I sell. I cannot keep it in stock. Performs beautifully no A OR D. Most common customer comment- I want to eat it 👍👍

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Sweet Mint

I made a CP soap (mostly olive oil, some castor, some shea butter) but realized after I poured it in the mold that I forgot to add the fragrance! So I immediately made a second batch, same recipe, but poured into individual round molds instead of a 10" mold. I did notice that the soap with the fragrance was softer than the 10" mold. I could unmold and cut the unscented recipe within 24 hours, while the scented soap was still a little soft. Still, I was able to remove the individual soaps from their molds within 36 hours, not a huge difference. Overall, a sweet mint scent that behaved really nicely. I'll use it again for sure!