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Excellent Product!

I wish all of their M & P soap bases had the option of being Organic! I love creating with this soap, sweet and simple and great for those that have sensitive skin.

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Fantastic soy free organic base!

Love this base. It works so well in tiny sample sizes that last so long in a soap dish. Absolutely love it!

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I ordered a small amount to try and loved it so I ordered the larger amount. I sold some before I could even finish packaging them up. Thanks for having the organic melt & pour. I'd love to see that selection in the other melt & pour bases as well.

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Makes a great bar of soap with high lather that holds scent well.

I use organic products whenever possible so when I found this M&P base I was ecstatic! Have you compared the ingred. of soap bases from other suppliers?! Brambleberry offers the only all natural m&p bases on the market. High quality all natural ingredients are the cornerstone of my soon to be mission statement. I'm getting the CP beginners kit in the mail hopefully next week so will be able to choose my own ingredients but for now this M&P base is what I've been using. It holds essential oils extremely well. I made an antimicrobial, antibacterial, MRSA soap using this base & high quality conifer EOs almost a year ago & the aroma & benefits are still as fresh today as on day one! Why do I have bars left? The $$ of the conifer oils were so expensive-each bar cost me $25 (x8!) to make so I use them and hand them out sparingly. It was a project for my component blending class or I'd have chosen less expensive oils. The point being this base is the only one I trust for such expensive EOs!

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I have gotten lovely feedback from friends and 'testers' who have sampled my batches. This base is perfect. It is my new favorite soap. Cold press soap leaves film in the holder after using it. This doesn't leave any mess at all, and my skin loves it. Thank you ^_^