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How is this considered "organic"?

It's kind of misleading to call this organic since it contains Propylene Glycol .

Love it!

This is an excellent product! I add 1% sunflower oil to it when making soaps and it takes it wonderfully. I was not sure how it would mix, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone loves it, and it makes beautiful soaps. The color takes well and I did not ruin any of the 10 lbs that I ordered (being a newbie I was very proud of that). Also, I noticed it can be reheated more than once without messing it up. I use the double broiler system and it melts very nicely. I plan on purchasing more very soon since I have already sold out

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How Can I Enrich This Base

Lovely base. I have 2 concerns: how to enrich it further AND, do I need to wrap the soap immediately it hardens or do I cure it for a few days to minimize sweating?

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Excellent Product!

I wish all of their M & P soap bases had the option of being Organic! I love creating with this soap, sweet and simple and great for those that have sensitive skin.

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Fantastic soy free organic base!

Love this base. It works so well in tiny sample sizes that last so long in a soap dish. Absolutely love it!