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I'm not a fan of rose scents- geranium makes me gag. But this amazing! I don't know how to describe it, but it's nothing like your typical rose scent. Sweet, maybe slightly earthy/woody? I ordered this, and an organic palmarosa from another supplier. I like this one better! I'll definitely be repurchasing.

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Absolutely love this EO!

In the past I've used a few products by Neil's Yard (UK co) and they all had this EO so I figured I might like to try it in soap (CP). Worth every penny!! Does not accelerate, scent is earthy and wonderful and mixes beautifully with Orange 10X. My soap is at about 3 weeks now and scent is just as strong. I don't sell lotions etc but have made a few butters, shower oils for myself with this too, honestly cannot compliment it enough. Bear in mind this is not a floral though!

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Smells like un-sweet tea

I used this plain in CP soap. It smells ok to me but my wife likes it. We'll see how the customers respond

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi David! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. We love the subtly sweet scent of Palmarosa Essential Oil by itself as well as in a myriad of blends. You may like it blended with 10x Orange Essential Oil, Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil, or Cedarwood Essential Oil.

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Good for a blend

By itself, I found this to be an unpleasant scent. However, in a blend with rose geranium (about 2 2/2 rose geranium to 1 palmarosa) it made a beautiful scent that approximates rose fairly well.

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Love the rose smell

I was looking for a subtle rose smell, and this EO provides it. I like the herbaceous tones, since I wasn't looking for a sweet floral smell at all. I use it in my whipped body butters, mixing citrus EOs (orange, grapefruit,..). I love that slight citrusy rose smell, and sometimes people approach me, because they get a whiff of the scent, and they are intrigued. It's a lovely oil that I will continue to invest in. Have not used it in CP yet.