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It's Patchooey

I made patchouli and lemon grass cp soap. It acted fine. A LOT of ppl really liked the scent and loved the soap. I personally just don't like patchouli. I didn't know that before I purchased this. I have since noticed my husband's stetson after shave has this smell in it. I even googled it and sure enough, it's in there. So I do believe it is a true patchouli. I just don't personally like the scent.

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Smells like BBQ sauce

So very disappointed in this Patchouli...I'm a patch lover and this doesn't smell like any patch I've ever used. This is the first time I've ordered it from BB; maybe it's a bad batch?? I should've trusted my instincts and ordered a smaller amount. Won't be using this unless I'm going for a BBQ smelling product

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sandra! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent. We love the Patchouli Essential and its true patchouli scent as it is 100% pure and uncut with anything. Though, patchouli is quite strong, especially smelling it out of the pottle concentrated like that. You may like it better once diluted in product. You can also try blending it to get a more subtle scent. Patchouli EO would blend well with Orange 10X Essential Oil, Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil, or English Rose Fragrance Oil.

Patchouli with Lime!

Have used Patchouli EO with Lime and Litsea for years to make a lovely retro Patchouli-Lime fragrance. Love it!

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First encounter with patchouli

Bought this patchouli since many people at a recent market requested patchouli soap. I'm drawn to how deep the scent is. Blended this oil with baby rose fo, and sandalwood fo- amazing. As a far as packaging, the bottle was filled to the brim so whatever oil is on the inside of the cap seeps out when the cap is being replaced- a bit of a nuisance.

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Bayfront Naturals
Great with Vanilla!

I make a shampoo bar with Patchouli and Vanilla. I can't keep it in stock, but I added more Patchouli last batch and boy did it accelerate! Not sure if it's the Patchouli or the combination of it with Vanilla. I used the Vanilla Select FO. I need to figure this out, as it's a best seller!831